camara education



Camara Education is an international educational organisation dedicated to delivering real impact through technology by inspiring and empowering a young generation to improve their own life opportunities. Their mission is to transform education using technology to empower disadvantaged students.

Their vision is a world-class technology-enabled education accessible to all. Founded in 2005 in Dublin, Ireland, Camara Education has built a proven model of ‘education delivery’ that is both sustainable and highly scalable. Camara Education is a registered charity in the US, Ireland and the UK. Their services are delivered through a network of local education hubs in Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia, Lesotho, Tanzania and Ireland, alongside a resource Hub in Dublin and London. All hubs operate as social enterprises and operate to serve local market needs through a sustainable business model.


Working on a shoe-string budget with a geographically dispersed operation on an outdated system

  • As a not for profit, Camara Education had very little money to transition to the cloud.

  • With operations in Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia, Lesotho, Tanzania and Ireland. Information was scattered.

  • Teams were working in isolated data silos, with no real time information.

  • Huge amounts of resources were being expended in order to pull geographical data, which meant their were long delays before the could make informed decisions.

  • Using different account systems across geographical regions.


We worked closely with Camara Education on:

  • We created a template on Sage Financials with a universal look and feel for data across all geographical regions.

  • All users now login the same way, with all information streamlined in one app on the Salesforce platform with real-time information.

  • Further more, we put security in place for data sensitive information, so that the right information was available to the right people.

  • We configured Sage Financials based on Camara Education's requirements to capture the correct information on transactions, which gave them more visibility on data on the output side - for example, reports on projects, departments, regions, countries etc.


Camara Education Enjoyed the Benefits of Transitioning to the cloud - almost immediately

  • Now Camara Education has one platform or place to log in, that houses all their business apps - which can can be accessed globally in real time.

  • With the granular level of detail of the Sage Financials package, the data is not only standardised but, is more detailed, revealing a greater scope and depth that was available on previous reports.

  • With increased visibility and granularity across all entities, they can now make informed business decisions much quicker.

  • With all of the accounts users now following a streamlined accounting process Camara Education now enjoys increased efficiencies and productivity - which as a charity, means they achieve more with less!

  • One platform means that barriers to language, time zones and data can be transcended easily.