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Social Media & Social Marketing

Social media is here to stay. A recent report by Kantar suggests that the #1 business sales tool - the company website, will be surpassed by social media within the next 36 months.

Social media is more than posting cute pictures of kittens, cheesy motivational quotes and fishing for likes, shares and retweets. It's an intoxicating brew of algorithms, demographics, visual theatre, hashtags and time focused timed posts.

We will work with your business to design a social media conversational tone for your business that reflects your core company personality, with originality, panache, style and with real results ! 

what we offer

  • Create content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts (LinkedIn optional) 
  • Create Social Media Marketing Calendar
  • Content of copy, images & videos & posting management
  • Social media policing & customer complaints for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • In house training for social media replacement
  • Social Media handbook 
  • Dropbox database of all imagery
The digital space is moving so fast, it’s
difficult to keep up. Even though we’re
a relatively youthful company, we
struggle to remain current with our
core (younger) consumer behaviour.

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