How fresh is your brand's social media content?

How does your brand's social media currently rank in the market and against the competition? When is the last time you ran marketing campaign across social media and how effective was it? 

If you honestly don't know the answer to these questions - well then don't feel too bad, as over 70% of companies can't answer these questions either. 

Let Urban Brand Creative bring your brand's social media to life with our "Social Media Make Over Pack".

brand digital health check

Health Check.2.png

Firstly, we rank and analysis how your brand is performing across the social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. We then can begin to create a focused sales and marketing strategy for your company.   

Competitor social media analysis

Competitor Benchmarking.png

We benchmark 3 of your nearest industry competitors across the same platform, so you can see how your brand is competing in the larger market. We will highlight both strengths and weaknesses in your competition.

product photo shoot


We organise, shoot and filter beautiful product images for your brand. 

In an age of social media and digital marketing, the old axiom that "we buy with our eyes!" has never been more relevant. 

We will give your product real "pop" through creating a database of lush, engaging images. We will work on the concept and design of your photo-shoot, designing a storyboard with a narrative arc.

social media marketing campaign & promotion

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We will design a bespoke a 1-3 month social media marketing campaign for your brand targeting your key consumer demographics and create the copy, content and imagery. We will then run and monitor the campaign for the duration.

social media take over 


We will run your social media account for 4-12 weeks. We GUARANTEE that your brand will rank within the top 30 in Ireland after this period