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Given our wealth of experience in the food service space, we can design menus for you bar, restaurant, coffee shop or catering company, based on the best principles of menu engineering, consumer psychology, market trends and great design.

We can work with your current branding, upgrade your branding or create a brand new concept for you.

Alternatively we can work with your designer of choice to project manage any of your needs and help take your menus to the next level.

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Java Republic Cafes

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JRC  -Menus.7.png
JRC  -Menus.1.png
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JRC  -Menus.6.png

Flash Harry's

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FH - Menu.1.png
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FH - Menu.png
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Fitzers Catering

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Bel Cibo 

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Bel cibo.6.png
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Bel Cibo - catering.1.png

Feral Foods

Feral menu front AW.1.png
Feral menu back AW.1.png

Flash Harry's